Experiencing biblical content through play

In our children‘s weeks, a lot of space is given to playful experiences and creativity. Children should have a positive experience in and with the church, be creative and learn about appropriate stories from the Bible.

How does it work?

A church or an alliance of churches book a program either for a weekend or a whole week. In the preparatory meeting, we give instructions to the church staff. We explain schedule of the program and explain our Bible reading methods. The church invites children from the surrounding area. SU Switzerland provides play materials and the biblical content for the week. The SU staff member leads through the programm. Between the play and building phases, there are Bible stories (on the theme of „building“) and songs.

What is the advantage? 

SU Switzerland provides all the material. This allows churches to offer a children‘s week with attractive play and construction materials without spending a lot of money. SU Switzerland members instruct the church staff. Members and volunteers of the church become active themselves and accompany „their“ children. SU only takes on an accompanying role. This strengthens relationships between children and the local church.

What kind of “play materials” does SU Switzerland use?

So far we offer two different projects: HolzBauWelt and LEGO® Stadt (engl. LEGO City).
In our project HolzBauWelt we use 80,000 wooden blocks (KAPLA size). LEGO Stadt uses LEGO bricks. With around 300 kg LEGO we build a city up to 20 square meters in size.
A third project is currently being developed: Entdeckerdorf (engl. Explorer Village), where we use plastic tubes, connectors and panels (QUADRO) to build walk-in buildings in public spaces.